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Teach English in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai is an ultra modern city and a major trade center of the world. It is an extremely expensive city with wealth flying all over. The oil industry together with the tourism industry has made Dubai a hotspot of the Middle East. The significant economic and social growth of the city has contributed to the growing demand of the ESL teachers.

English is a mandatory subject in the schools of Dubai and it is taught as a second language mostly. However, there are very less native English teachers here in comparison to other parts of the world. The growing hospitality industry is mainly responsible for the high demand of the English language and subsequently teachers here. The English teaching jobs in Dubai are highly advertised in the websites and local newspapers all through out the year. There are also some agencies which conduct interviews of the teachers in countries like USA and UK.

The ESL teachers in Dubai can get jobs in private schools as well as the language schools. Private schools and international schools have a large number of expatriate students along with the local students. The language schools mainly cater to the professional’s need of learning English. The working hours due to this reason might be quite hectic and odd. Private tuitions of English in Dubai are also quite common. It can be a very lucrative prospect side by side a permanent job in a school or an institute. Apart from teaching jobs, the TEFL qualified teachers can also take up jobs as a translator or interpreter in case they have knowledge of both Arabic and English.

Dubai pays the ENSL teacher very well and the average salary of the teachers is between 8000 to 11000 AED. Most of the times, the teachers are provided with accommodation and medical coverage.

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