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Teaching English in Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country in the continent of South America and due to less foreign visitors here, this country has been able to still retain its charm and ethnicity due to this. Guatemala like most of the other Latin American countries is quite poor and underdeveloped. The scope of ESL teaching in this country in huge yet one cannot expect a very lucrative job here.

Guatemala has a huge concentration of Mayan people and is also a great destination for checking out the ruins of the Mayans. The wonderful landscape with exotic beauty is also one of the major attractions of Guatemala. The ESL jobs in Guatemala are concentrated in the cities of the country as the rural areas are not at all developed and quite poverty stricken. The three major cities having high concentration of ESL jobs are Guatemala City, Antigua and Quetzaltenango. There is a demand of English teachers in colleges and universities of Guatemala City. There are also some good schools in this city, which pays very well.

Antigua in Guatemala is a beautiful colonial city and is well known for the gorgeous architectures and the wonderful landscapes. Many travelers come to this city and find themselves English teaching jobs here. Most of them also take Spanish lessons from here in lieu of teaching English.

The city of Quetzaltenango is one of the biggest cities in Guatemala and certainly cheaper than most big cities. There are plenty of volunteer English teaching jobs around the city. You might find some jobs here but the pay scale of the teachers is not very high.

It would be wrong to think that you will have a great bank balance teaching in Guatemala. It is nest to impossible to send money home from here. The teachers are generally paid from 1.75 $ as hour to 14 $ an hour for English classes. The cost of living here is also quite low and rooms are available at only $100 per month.

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