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Teaching English in Italy

Italy is a celebrated tourist destination with some of the most romantic destinations in the world. Italy is the hub of European history and the Renaissances. The remnants of the fascinating history of the romantic period are still present in the nooks and corners of the country complementing the gorgeous landscapes. Italy is a dream destination for most people and nothing can be better than having an ESL job in this country. The ESL job market in Italy is moderate in size and with the growing economy and the requirement of English in the foreign universities, the demand of ESL teachers have increased considerably.

The demand of Native English Speakers for teaching English in Italy is really high. The teachers from United Kingdom can teach and live in Italy without Visa as both the countries are members of the European Union. Teachers from USA, Australia and New Zealand are also hired in Italy. TEFL or TESOL certificates are more or less mandatory for teaching in Italy. It not only helps in the hiring process but also helps in getting a better salary. The unique thing about getting hired in Italy is that the teachers are required to be present in the location to get an ESL job. Personal interviews with the recruiters are a must in Italy so it is better to move to this country and start searching for jobs. Proper work Visa is mandatory to work as an ESL teacher in Italy. All proper documents, like citizenship, graduation certificate and marriage certificate are required to get a proper visa.

English teaching jobs in Italy is not limited to elementary schools but most of the ESL Jobs are in the universities, colleges and other high level educational institutes. Private schools in Italy hire significant number of teachers each year. The private school jobs in Italy are extremely lucrative and better than most jobs. Along with a good salary the private schools also provide the teachers will immense amount of job security. ESL jobs in Italy are also available in private language institutes and teachers are also hired by corporate offices. For global communications, many companies hire teachers to train their employees.

Italy is one of the most coveted countries offering ESL jobs around the world. This beautiful country with bounty of natural beauty and rich heritage contributes towards its popularity as an ESL destination. But the ESL teachers might face serious competitions in landing up with a lucrative ESL job in Italy as the supply is more demand is limited.

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