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Teach English in Oman

Oman is a Middle Eastern country, which hires ESL teachers on a regular basis. Due to the high taxes salaries many teachers wish to go to Oman. As English is evolving as a lingua franca and the Oman is gradually becoming a part of the global village, the demand of this language and its teachers have also increased, apart from the kids, the teachers are required to teach professionals working in the hotels, airports, hospitals and other business houses. The ESL jobs for Oman are advertised in the websites and the local newspapers.

The ESL teachers in Oman are required to teach in private schools and language schools. The regular schools, which hire teachers are mostly international schools run for the expatriate. In the language schools, the teachers might have to teach both adults and kids. The teaching hours might be long and sometimes odd as most professional pursue the course during their off time. In Oman, there are also branches of language schools, which are of international repute. They sometimes give their teachers prior training before recruiting them.

Another way of earning money in Oman as a teacher is private tuitions. It is a very common source of employment. Sometimes the demand is seasonal as most people want to brush up their lessons before the exams. It is best when you have a permanent job in a school or language institute and side by side do private tuitions. There are often ads in the local newspapers and yellow pages for English tutors. For teachers who are equally proficient in Arabic and English can take up a job of a translator or an interpreter.

The ESL teachers in Oman are paid a handsome salary and the best part is that the remunerations are tax free. The task of teaching in the schools of Oman can be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. If the teachers can gain confidence of their students they can expect a smooth run ahead.

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