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Teaching English in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a magnificent oriental country and a very popular tourist destination. This country is endowed with very rich culture and history, which fascinates its visitors time and again. Thus the ESL teachers in Vietnam will have a time of their life exploring the country, mingling with the local people and teaching English at the same time. The demand of English in Vietnam has grown considerably in the last few years due to the constant interaction with the western world due to growing trade and commerce and tourism.

To teach English in Vietnam the teachers have to have a college degree in any subject along with a TEFL or TESOL certificate. Certificates are not mandatory for all schools but its will help the teachers in getting a placement easily and also give higher salaries. The teachers who have knowledge of Vietnamese language are preferred and it also helps the teachers during their stay in this country.

Most of the ESL jobs in Vietnam are in the higher levels of studies, mainly in the universities. English language is very popular at the university level and teachers are usually recruited to teach this section of students. The native English speakers are mostly preferred for the English teaching positions in Vietnam. Apart from teaching jobs many teachers go for private tuition in Vietnam. This is more or less hassle free as no proper work permit is required for this purpose. The teachers can also take up part time conversational classes in various language schools mostly located in the cities. Many adults in Vietnam take evening classes especially on weekends or after work. Even for language schools and private tutoring the Native English teachers are very much in demand.

While teaching English in Vietnam the teachers need to have a work visa. They will be almost like a citizen. It is illegal to work without a proper Visa. The teachers working in the universities of South Korea are paid very highly. But accommodations are mostly not provided by the schools but the teachers have to search for it on their won. The cost of accommodation may vary as houses in the small villages are cheaper than those in the big cities. The salaries of the teachers in Vietnam are not as high as some other Asian countries. It would help in getting a good ESL job if the teachers have a few connections. The colleges and organizations of Vietnam also sometimes go for teacher exchange programs. Many online jobs of Vietnam are available and the teachers should try those before coming to this country.

There are also many options for the volunteers in Vietnam. The volunteer jobs might not be lucrative but these can be very rewarding in various other ways. English tuitions are often taken for westerns in lieu of food and drinks in Vietnam. But situation now has changed significantly and the ESL market is growing rapidly.

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